Series 3

The Future of Events

Series 3 - the future of events

Series Three of Surroundscapes “The Future of Events,” seeks to explore how events like concerts, theatre, conferences, trade shows, product launches, fashion shows and more – are surviving in the time of COVID. How will this affect how they change and evolve in the post-pandemic world?

Episode 1: Dave Labuskes

Episode 2: Simon Honywill

Episode 3: Julien Lemaitre & Kevin Hinds

March 9, 2021: Julien Lemaitre & Kevin Hinds (Pure Sets)

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Episode 4: Liz Berry

MARCH 16, 2021: Liz Berry (Director – Hologramica)

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Episode 5: James Patten

MARCH 23, 2021: James Patten (Founder and CEO of Patten Studio)

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Episode 6: Dena Lowery

MARCH 30, 2021: Dena Lowery (COO – Opus Events)

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Episode 7: Claudia Holmeier

APRIL 6, 2021: Claudia Holmeier (Co-Founder – Digitalanalog Festival)

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