Series 2

Future of the Workplace

Series 2 - Future of the workplace

This second Surroundscapes mini-series looks into the future of work – in the office, in the home, in cities and beyond. It explores current trends, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected things and what the workplace might look like afterwards. In these podcasts, the role of technology and AV technology in particular is discussed along with larger trends in the way that people work.

Episode 01: Josef Hargrave

NOVEMBER 10, 2020: Josef Hargrave (Associate Director, Global Foresight Leader, Arup)

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Episode 02: Christine Congdon/Rebecca Charbauski

NOVEMBER 17, 2020: Christine Congdon (Editor 360 Magazine & Director, Global Research Communications, Steelcase) and Rebecca Charbauski (Brand Communications Project Leader, Steelcase)

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Episode 03: Craig Janssen

Episode 04: Evan Benway

Episode 05: Salomé Galjaard

Episode 06: Bernd Schindler

Episode 07: Michael Stueve

DECEMBER 22, 2020: Michael Stueve (Principal and UX Experience Strategist at Ankrom Moisan)

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