Surroundscapes is a podcast and video content series that features novel and exciting ideas that use A/V technology to create memorable experiences in commercial spaces that pave the way to the future of business. Curated and produced by Bluesound Professional and hosted by Graeme Harrison, VP and GM of Bluesound Professional, invited expert guests from around the world share their insights and projects to help audiences discover the sound and visual stimulus techniques that shape human perceptions and experiences of space, psychology, and business impact. Surroundscapes is presented in quarterly mini-series comprised of five to eight podcast and video segments of interview-style and multi-media content.

Series Three of Surroundscapes β€œThe Future of Events,” seeks to explore how events like concerts, theatre, conferences, trade shows, launches, fashion shows and more – are surviving in the time of COVID. How will this affect how they change and evolve in the post-pandemic world?

As many consumers remain reluctant to eat, shop, and patronize retail and hospitality establishments post-pandemic, this first series explores the role that multi-sensory experiences could have in convincing consumers to return to the sector. We invite a variety of guests to share their insights and projects, including five-time TED Talk speaker and renowned expert in sound and communications, Julian Treasure, and Rob Anders, CEO of Niio, a digital art platform that powers some of the most inspiring multimedia art installations in the world.

This second Surroundscapes series looks into the future of work – in the office, in the home, in cities and beyond. It explores current trends, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected things and what the workplace might look like afterwards. In these podcasts, the role of technology and AV technology in particular is discussed along with larger trends in the way that people work.